At level 50 and beyond, the bosses in the Forgotten Catacombs are all those big floating eyeballs like the one you first encountered in The Void. They're all named "Fearful Faye." Our guess is that the idea for the design of this boss's appearance was inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's "Cthulu."

Her attacks look the same, but they're much more powerful, increasing in frightfulness as you go deeper into the Catacombs.

The bosses at level 50 and beyond do mostly magic damage, so high MDEF is essential. Apparently, they also do some physical damage with their whip attack.

Get your Academy skills as high as you can, especially for your troops. Troop Count and Troop HP are especially important when fighting these bosses.

Charisma increases your troop count, so maximize your charisma even if you have to trade a PDEF astral for a Charm astral.

Fearful Faye attacks the back row with lightning, so if you're a mage, put your Knights in front to protect them from magic damage. Knight players might do better with Angels in back. Faye's whip attack appears to hit everybody equally.

Experience per level is fixed. (400 * crypt level, I think.) Experience scrolls don't work here.

Here's a list of the loot that I received in one run through the Forgotten Catacombs, from level 1 through level 100:

  1. 13 level 1 gems
  2. 5 level 2 gems
  3. 1 level 3 gem (from level 100)
  4. 95 crypt tokens (11 from level 100)
  5. 8 runes


"Runes" in the notes below refer to the original rune system, where you equipped runes as items and could use up to 20 in a single battle. After I published these notes, 7Road messed up the rune systems so they could have yet another way to sell you powerups. This makes it much more difficult to survive battles with the crypt boses, but the basic strategy for each character class is still the same.

On the other hand, 7Road added Templars at level 50. Templars are much stronger than Knights, so they compensate somewhat for the messed-up rune system. Use Templars; the so-called "Warlocks" seem to be ineffective in Wartune.

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How to Kill High-Level Crypt Bosses - Knight

Here are some tips from knights who have defeated the Level 100 Crypt Boss.

The basic strategy for knights is to kill the boss before she kills you.

Use Angels. Charisma will boost the number of Angels you have so they'll live longer.

  1. Potions: Attack, Defence, Charisma, Endurance
  2. Scrolls: Attack, Health, Defense, Troop Count
        (Use crypt tokens to buy the scrolls. You'll get more tokens when you complete the level.)
  3. Astrals: Charisma (even if it's blue)
  4. Runes: Heal, Thunder or Brutality, Rage
        (Use Brutality with the attack that does the most damage.)

It doesn't seem to matter whether the Angels are in front or in back of you, although logic would indicate in back is better to take advantage of their high MDEF.

If you have knights or Templars instead of Angels, put them in front and use your hero's Shield and MDEF to absorb Faye's magic attacks.

If your PATK is greater than 10,000, you should be able to defeat the Level 100 boss.

How I beat the 100 boss with Camden's level 57 knight:

Load these skills:

  1. Slasher (level 4)
  2. Ultimate Slasher(level 4)
  3. Shadow Thrasher (level 1)
  4. Delphic Destroyer (level 2)
  5. Agoran Shield (level 3)

Note that I do not load Whirlwind. There's only one target here so single attacks are best.

I use the best potions and scrolls I can find in inventory, especially PATK, Troop Count, Charisma.

Load Heal, Rage, and Brutality runes, the best I have in inventory. At least 2 of each.

Open with Shield.

Rage rune. Brutality rune. Delphic Destroyer.

Thwap Faye with the best attack I have while Delphic Destroyer counts down.

Shield whenever I can. Seriously, don't miss a chance to shield. Anticipate your rage level and use a rage rune if necessary. Camden gets an extra 7342 hp each time he uses his Agoran Shield, about equivalent to getting a restore from a level 55 mage.

When Dephic Destroyer has about 15 seconds left in its countdown, do the sequence again:
Rage rune (if needed). Brutality rune. Delphic Destroyer.

She's usually down to her last hp bar when I get to this point. Finish her off with the best attacks available.

With this technique, Camden can defeat her consistently with BR 40235, PATK 115910, PDEF 10370, MDEF 7610. He has level 57 Templars, fully trained with Academy skills. He first defeated her at level 55, when he was a little weaker and had knights.

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How to Kill High-Level Crypt Bosses - Archer

Here's a YouTube Video for Archers on How to Kill Crypt Bosses, created by WallyShotYou.

Some more notes from accomplished archers:

An exceptionally well-developed level 56 archer (kille, on Server 8) with a Battle Rating of around 36000 and the level 55 Arena set was able to defeat Fearful Faye lvl 100 using this technique.

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How to Kill High-Level Crypt Bosses - Mage

The mage's main objective in the fights with the crypt bosses, especially beyond level 60, is to keep your Knights alive. If your knights die, you die.

Have your knights in front so that the boss hits you when she attacks the back row.

Configure your Skills with only these three:

  1. Lightning
  2. Suntoria
  3. Blessed Light

Configure your astrals with Charisma. This means more troops. You also want your Academy troop count level maxed.

Start the battle with Suntoria, then switch to AFK mode and let it run.

Any time rage gets high enough, cast Blessed Light manually. (You'll need to restart AFK mode after selecting the spell.) As your mage and knights get stronger, you will find that you can wait for AFK to select Blessed Light all by itself.

That should do it. With that setup and technique, a level 45 mage should be able to win level 70, and a level 50 mage should be able to go all the way to 90.

At level 50, my mage, Squeak on Server 8, was able to defeat Faye at level 100 about 2 out of 3 times once I got her MATK up to 10,600 and Lightning level 5. Her battle rating at that point was about 32,000. She went through 4 or 5 rage runes in the process. This is exceptional, however. To the best of my knowledge, Squeak was the first (and perhaps only) character to defeat Faye 100 when she was level 50.

With this technique plus a couple of rage runes, I was also able to beat the level 100 boss when my mage, Brangwen, was level 55. At level 60, Brangwen could defeat the level 100 boss almost entirely AFK, starting with only 30 rage.

Today, May 1, 2013: At level 61 with BR 45191, I just let Squeak run afk; she wins easily. My other two mages on s8, Brangwen and Shock, are both level 64 now and have no problem at all defeating Faye 100, so I usually just set up all three of them and let them run while I fight Faye manually with Camden's knight.

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