Welcome to the Glory Road!

[News] Wartune is now overrun by hackers. An honest game developer, and an honest game host, will make getting ridding of hackers and closing holes that allow them to hack their game its absolute number one priority. The failure of 7Road and the Wartune game hosts to get rid of hackers demonstrates their total disdain for their paying customers and complete lack of personal integrity or pride in their work.


Don't waste your time or money on a game that tolerates hackers. There's no point in playing it at all when 2 years of work developing your character can be wiped out in minutes by a hacker.

If you are a hacker, you belong in an insane asylum, and should never be allowed on line. You have serious mental issues to deal with before you are allowed loose in civilized society.

[News] 14 September 2014: WARNING: After logging on to Wartune.com, attempting to connect to Server 1, Google Chrome stopped with this warning message:

The site ahead contains malware.

Attackers currently on mmtrkdb.com might attempt to install dangerous programs on your computer that steal or delete your information (for example, photos, passwords, messages, and credit cards. )

The domain mmtrkdb.com is registed to Mundo Media, Ltd., an advertising company registered in Ontario, Canada. The IP address shows that the site is hosted on servers owned by Amazon.com in Portland, Oregon, USA. Obviously, there is some kind of mischief going on here, but we don't know whether it's really at attempt to install malware or just yet another fraud from Google, attempting to discredit its honest competitors.

[News] 21 August 2014: People often ask, "What just happened?" So, here's what it is--an update on our little megabrats from Wartune server #1.

Camden's alt, Cartwright, is in a different guild because he originally existed primarily as a plunder target. When they changed Group Arena to 4 vs 4, Cartwright got drafted for the team.

We've seen a remarkable increase in battle ratings for under-40 characters that's really hard to explain. You can see Camden's statistics when he retired from level 39 below. At that time, he was the strongest under-40 character that we knew about in all of Western Wartune, by a considerable margin. Now we're seeing some new characters appearing with battle ratings over 37k, and a few (admittedly very suspicious) ones as high as 47k. Curiouser and curiouser.

Players on R2Games and its satellites (such as Kongregate) would appear to be either playing a quite different game or hacking like crazy, or both. Except for during the periods when they are testing server upgrades, Proficient City has blocked R2Games (but not Kong) from our group arena and bullyground. A whole new crop of anomalous under-40 characters has also appeared on Aeriagames, which might be another R2 satellite.

Until recently, our total cash investment was $45.00 for each character (except Cartwright) plus VIP for several months. Then, last week, Camden and Brangwen got married. The cost as outrageous, but nevertheless we succombed to the emotional appeal of being married in a game where we spend so much time together. It turned out that, so far, the battle rating increase was far from cost-effective, and we've always thought that paying money for battle rating spoils the game in any case.

In other news: They've completely rewritten the introductory scenes, so you might want to create an alt on one of the newer servers just to experience it. The new cut scenes are kinda fun. You'll learn why Sonja, the blue-haired girl with the incredible rack, has replaced Dina as your guide in the information screens. She is now the priestess who runs around with your toon, while Dina is in semi-retirement as your guide for multi-player dungeons.

[News] 6 August 2014: It says on the official Wartune web site that there will be a big update tonight:
    Wedding System
    Class Advancement System
    Mount Refining System
    4 vs. 4 Party Arena
    Multi-Player Dungeon: Dragon Invasion
    Advanced Astral Slots
    Fixed some bugs that may cause various errors

These Wartune.com servers will be updated this time around:
        *There is a (very quiet) GloryRoad guild on the indicated server.

Yesterday we established another GloryRoad guild on Server 21-36-37-54 (12 total servers merged). The new guild houses our casually played toons from those servers. If you need a guild and don't want to get kicked for being off line for a while, you're welcome to join; but note that it is a small guild with few facilities and no plans to get strong enough to be into Guild battle, so it's not suitable for active PVP game play.

[News] 17 June 2014: It's the end of an era: We decided that we have gone as far as we reasonably can in exploring insanely high battle ratings for under-40 Wartune characters, so Camden and Squeak hit the Forgotten Catacombs and leveled up to 40. This was just 4 days after Camden's first birthday on server Wartune-1. Soon they will catch up to Brangwen at level 41, perhaps there to remain for the foreseeable future.

For the record, here are screenshots of their final statistics before leveling up.

Thus ends the Era of the S1 Megabrats. It's someone else's turn to be the biggest kid in the kindergarten playground, as Brangwen, Camden, and Squeak move on their way to middle-aged mediocrity in Wartune. It's a quiet life, where Camden spends his days raising horses and admiring the girls' astrals while they do all the work.

Well, OK, maybe it's not that quiet. At level 40, Camden is starting with a battle rating of 41,411. That's even higher than Brangwen was when she made the jump to level 40. Loaded with potions, scrolls, and cards for Bullyground, he goes up to 48,087. Squeak is at BR 38,993. Brangwen, at level 41, has a battle rating of 49,803.

[News] 3 April 2014: They rolled out a new version of Wartune to server 1 last night. As usual with new releases, Group Arena and Bullyground will be a mess until it gets rolled out to all the other servers. Our level arena 39 team keeps getting matched against level 80 teams. Bullygrounds are just guys from S1 on ProficientCity or R2 Games.

It looks like the Balen boost is now gone from World Boss, and it looks like the World Boss Warrior Prize has increased from 60,000 to 180,000 gold and daru. If this is permanent, it would be an uncharacteristic reversal of 7Road's coercive monetization policy, if not their coercively authoritarian game play policy.

There's a new "Lost Treasure Map" feature that you can find on the Cloud City map. It unlocks at level 55.

There's an interesting bug in getting 100 Devotion, which the icon doesn't show up or doesn't do anything if it does show up on you click on it. If you click on the number "100" you'll get the 100 Devotion reward.

Another fun bug is that you can't type an exclamation point in the chat window! If you do, it pulls up some kind of diagnostic screen that shows the state of some of the internal variables. (I had no idea how often I use the exclamation point when chatting. Just "Hi, Mabel" seems so flat without it. Gotta show some enthusthusiasm when greeting your friends so they know you mean it!) I haven't found a workaround for that one, but they'll probably fix it before rolling out the update to other servers.

Group Arena now allows a maximum of 15 battles, instead of 30. You get 10 Insignia for a loss, or 30 Insignia plus 15 PvP points for a win. Now you will need to win 2/3rds of your battles to get to 1000 PvP points, or make up the difference in Bullyground.

Editorial:With the change in the group arena, we again see the major problem endemic to coercive monetization in "games" like Wartune, where they get money by forcing the player to keep paying money to prevent losing instead of earning their keep by improving the quality of the player experience. It looks like once again, the authoritarian communist 7Road developers are trying to make up for their small egos and lack of manhood by coercively forcing people in to a certain style of play that caters to others with the same mental problems, driving Wartune yet another notch down the ladder into oblivion.

If you survey all the games on line, you will see a strong trend toward coercive monetization in games from communist countries, while games from free countries lean heavily toward achieving excellence in the user experience. We see a culture clash here. Communism, by its nature, requires totalitarian oppression of the people, where individual achievement is stifled by the state's on-going struggle to maintain itself in power. It's the culture that people in a communist regime grow up with, so it's really all they know. Money, greed, deception, and propaganda are the mainstays of their daily lives. In the absence of rewards for personal excellence, they descend into sociopathic personality disorders where hatred for others, dehumanization of people, and the quest for personal social dominance replace integrity, honor, and truth as the primary paradigms of their culture.

In stark contrast, people growing up in free countries see a culture that rewards personal excellence, innovation, and doing the best you can. Your individual achievement is then rewarded by increased wealth. They tend to be frank and honest about what they offer, because they can afford to be; the product itself is attractive without need for deceptive advertising and media brainwashing. So this is the product we see coming from the free people of the world.

Both systems seem to have built into them the seeds of their own destruction. The history of human civilization is a never-ending series of totalitarian regimes giving way to free people, who within 300 years will be so wealthy that they can be duped by charlatans into electing totalitarians who promise them even greater wealth, only to be pushed once again into abject slavery as servants of the totalitarian state. Whether people can ever break out of this cycle remains for the future to tell.

There's not much we little guys can do about this mess, but we can keep on striving to maintain own own personal dignity and honor, and to keep on walking down that Glory Road!

[News] 19 March 2014: On March 10, 2014, Brangwen accidentally leveled up to 40 by underestimating how deadly World Prosperity would be in the Forgotten Catacombs. She reached level 95 in the Catacombs, but at the cost of a huge aging event in Wartune.

Her battle rating leaped by more than 20%, from 32018 to 38518 in less than two hours. The sudden jump was caused by the addition of horses, trading level 39 gryphons for level 40 knights, increasing Academy skills from 39 to 40, and (thanks to the Catacombs run) increasing one MATK gem from level 4 to 5.

[News] 9 March 2014: We added a page on Battle Rating vs. Character Level to the Tips section. That page has a chart of some real data showing BR plotted versus character level, up to level 60.

Bullyground and Group Arena are still messed up for folks on S1 on Proficient City (wartune.com) and R2Games.

[News] 28 February 2014: Wartune rolled out a new Treasure Hunt feature to server 1 on Proficient City and R2 Games two days ago. It will probably roll out to other servers a week later.

Treaure Hunt gives us cards to play with. At first it looked like another card-trading game like Magic: The Gathering, but really it's not that at all. Cards are basically yet another random gambling wheel with the reward being small increases in things that add to Battle Rating. There's not really any game play involved in getting them, so far.


You get plot tokens every few hours that let you go to the Card game. That's the little blue icon in the upper left corner on your character inventory screen, next to your helmet and just above Soul Engraving. The hovertext says "Summoner Cards."

If you have at least one plot token, you can go to the map screen and click on "Let's Go!" Your character moves to another spot (you can't pick where it goes) and then a screen like this appears.

The game tells you a little story which ends in a decision whether or not to spend gold, daru, or kyanite to have something done to get you a card token. "Use" the card token from your inventory screen. Then you can activate the card or, if you already have that card, use it to level up the existing card.

Cards come in different colors like other stuff in Wartune. There are probaby purple, gold, and red cards but the highest we've seen so far is blue.

Here's what Brangwen-s1's cards look like as of this moment:


Card adds different kinds of power (increased defense, attack, and so on) in different situations (such as in Bullground, Group Arena, MP dungeons, or The Spire). You can only equip a certain number of cards so you decide what to have equipped at any given time. Higher level characters can equipment more cards.

Boosts so far are fun but pretty wimpy at these low levels. You can see in the screen shot above that cards give me an extra 200 HP in bullyground and arena. That's 200 out of 22,304 total hp, so it's less than a 1% increase.

In other news, I made a little update to the Megabrats page (under "Tips") today; added an update to chart of BR vs time for the S1 Megabrats.

[News] 20 February 2014: Oops! We weren't using the GloryRoad forum and missed the warning, so it got deleted. We'll see if we can rebuild it. Stay tuned here for any news about it.

In other news, here's an update on our little megabrat army on Wartune-S1.


Camden and Squeak are still building guild skills. Brangwen has completed Guild Skills, and has been spending all her gold on astrals. (Doing all 30 spins on the Guild Wheel is still the top priority. There a lot of goodies in that Guild Wheel!) Just this week, with more than 10,000 astral clicks stacked up, Brangwen scored the red Holy Mysticality (MATK) astral. When she dumped her existing Gold MATK astral onto it, it went up to level 5 and boosted her BR by about 500 points.

With her current BR of 31,405, Brangwen was able to defeat Fearful Faye level 70 in the Forgotten Catacombs. That's probaby some sort of a record for a level 39 character, but we really don't have any data about how far folks have gone in the Forgotten Catacombs at the lower levels. Squeak-s8 was able to defeat level 100 with about the same BR, but at the time she was level 50 and had Kights, rage runes (now deleted from the game), and Blessed Light.

[News] 20 January 2014: Look at the buttons to the left; we added a link to the Glory Road forum! It's hosted by ProBoards at http://gloryroad.freeforums.net/. All fantasy role-playing game players are most welcome there. If you have any questions or comments about how we play Wartune, or about anything on this web site, please do come over to the forum! We would really like to hear from other high-BR, low-level players. Maybe you could post screen shots with your stats and stuff. (Seriously, getting to talk to people is the best part of all these games so come on over and say hello!)

You'll need an ID on ProBoards to post on the Glory Road forum. It's really easy to create one and you can use the same ID on all the boards on ProBoards.

In other news, Squeak got her battle rating over 30,000 so all three of us (Camden, Brangwen, and Squeak) have all now achieved that major personal goal. As far as we know, we have the dubious distinction of having the three highest battle ratings of any under-level-40 characters on any server. If you know of any other under-40 who has an even higher battle rating, the forum would be the place to post a note with better information!

[News] 5 January 2014: The Saga of the S1 Megabrats marches on. This morning, Brangwen's BR reached 30,000 and this afternoon Squeak rolled up a red Holy Mysticality astral, bringing her BR up to 29,444. A couple of weeks ago, we started a new page under "Tips" just about our little team. We plan to add some tables there showing how all our battle rating points add up.


[News] 5 December 2013: Wartune rolled out yet another PvP feature today that might turn out to be the final self-inflicted death blow for the game. The Amethyst Quarry groups everyone from level 40 up into the same mine, so that high-level characters can skulk in the mine and prevent lower-level characters from collecting any of the amethyst crystals.


Game play in the mine is straightfoward: (1) Get a cart near the entrance, (2) go to the collection area to fill your cart, and then (if higher-level players have allowed up to keep any) (3) to the dump area to get the crystals you can trade for stuff. You can attack other players; if you win, and if you have a cart, you'll get 15 of the other player's amethyst crystals. (Chinese "honor" again; bullying and armed robbery seems to be OK with those guys. Wartune is really a game for people afflicted with severe sociopathic personality disorders.) You can use the map to get around. Be careful; if you click near another character, you'll end up in battle.

[News]21 October 2013: We stumbled upon the original art from the Kabam "Sun-Kissed Skin" ad, shown below in the entry for 19 August 2013. She is Kasumi, from the game series "Dead or Alive" published by the Japanese company Tecmo Koei. If you really want your pixelated popsicle melted, you might want to look into it, because she sure isn't in Wartune!

[News]19 August 2013: Wartune is celebrating its first anniversary with new opportunities for players to spend real money to change numbers on a web site that nobody cares about.

Kabam's advertising has become even sillier, with the tag line, "Sun-kissed skin so hot will melt your popsicle!" We spotted this ad on the New York Times web site. Perhaps they assume that anyone who reads the New York Times is gullible enough to fall for it. Perhaps they're right.

We haven't yet heard where they stole this new artwork, but since all artwork in previous ads was stolen, we might assume that trend will continue.

(For the uninitiated, hint: Wartune contains no adult content. If you're looking for hot stuff, this ain't the place. The babe in the bikini isn't in the game. If you really want to see sun-kissed skin, go to the beach.)

Rev 1.66 has rolled out to Server 1 and soon will be on all servers. In the interim, a bug in the game means that players on wartune.com will be seeing mismatched battles with players from R2 Games. We expect this bug to go away as the new rev is propogated to other servers. The major change in rev 1.66 is reducing the maximum number of trips to multi-player dungeons from 3 to 1, while increasing some (not all) of the rewards you get from mp dungeons.

Server merges continue while wartune.com continues to create new servers at a rate of one every two days.

An odd bug has shown up which requires those who hide clothing to hide it every day, or perhaps every time they log on.

A rumor on s6/s8 has it that Valhalla guild has folded, and that most of the strong players from Valhalla went to Legends.


[News]24 June 2013: The last two months have been marked by server merges. Server 6 merged with server 8, pushing Levithans to the 4th rank in terms of battle rating, and 2nd in Guild Battle. As best we can tell, this merge was done only because of the s6 magister's personal agenda; we haven't met anyone else who requested or wanted it. That scheme seems to have backfired: Her s6 guild, Valhalla, dropped from 2nd place to 4th place in guild battle.

Servers 17 and 19 merged with Server 20, and Glory Road (s20) is now in 13th place. That pushes Glory Road out of Guild Battle entirely. We continue to maintain the guild on s20, but just to keep it on life support. It continues as a nice place to store alts that you don't play very often, as are the GloryRoad guilds on s9 and s10.

Wartune continues to add absurd features that move it even farther away from its original medieval sword-and-sorcery fantasy theme. Wings and silly clothing were bad enough; now they've added beach bunnies with Supersoaker squirt guns, guitars, scythes, and other claptrap. The latest addition is tank battles, yet another game that they seem to have clumsily integrated into Wartune. The one constant theme in all these unwelcome added features is all provide new opportunities for players to spend mind-boggling amounts of real money for the privilege of changing numbers in a web site that nobody else cares about.

In May, Wartune got caught with online advertising fraudulently claiming to have an Adults Only rating from the Entertainment Software Review Board. The game contains no adult content, and the ESRB has not rated it. When the ESRB learned of this, all Wartune advertising suddenly disappeared from Facebook, though ads claiming that it is an "unrated adult game" continue to appear in other places on the net.

Fans are also starting to note where Wartune's advertising artwork was stolen from. A note on the R2 Games forum denies that R2 Games (which is one of several Wartune hosts) is involved in the fraudulent advertising scheme or theft of artwork. The linked ads take you to Kabam, not to the R2 Games site; that's a clue.

The lady in this ad is not in Wartune. She is the Goddess Silla from Forsaken World, by Perfect World Entertainment, a company in Seoul, South Korea with no ties that we know of to Seventh Avenue, or 7Road, the publisher of Wartune.


[News]12 April 2013: All the wartune.com servers have been offline for more than 12 hours, as of 1:30 server time. It appears there's a major problem with the database. The R2Games and Kabam servers are functioning normally, however.

GloryRoad continues to hold its position as the #5 guild on s20, and in the past 2 months, Levithans has risen to become the undisputed #1 guild on s8.

[News]11 February 2013: Gloryroad won its guild battle. So did Levithans on s8.

[News]6 February 2013: GloryRoad won its guild battle. All participants received 850 honor and insignia, and 10 mount training whips.

On Server 8, Levithans lost a hotly contested and really fun guild battle against TH_Corner, coming with in 300 points (out of 6000) of taking the lead. Levithans delayed THC's victory so long that each participant received 500 honor and insignia.

Also today, GloryRoad upgraded its Guild Shop to level 4.

[News]4 February 2013: Darkarts Guild disgraced itself tonight by arbitrarily kicking people out of the Guild Battle who were not participating in a hopless attempt to knock down the Ward Tower. Several members have already left that guild, moving on to ACE and some back to Glory Road.

GloryRoad won its guild battle tonight. All participants received 850 honor and insignia.

Brangwen has resumed her duties as Guildmaster for GloryRoad.


[News]1 February 2013: Guildmaster GloriaMundi was unable to log on yesterday after the server maintenance on the morning of 31 Jan 2013 US time. Apparently this was due to a database error related to the handshaking between Facebook and 7Road's servers. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

[News] On Server Day 64 (28 Jan 2013), GloryRoad on s20 and Levithans on s8 won their Guild Battles by default.


[News] On Server Day 62 (26 Jan 2013), GloryRoad conceded victory in the Guild Battle to Darkarts. It seemed polite not to frighten the guild which was so kind to take in most of our members. The fact that we were able to field only two low-level players against the most powerful guild on s20 also might have been a minor factor in this decision. :) Nevertheless, participants received 450 honor and insignia. It was a fun night, with horse races and barbecue.

On s8, Levithans easily defeated Wendigo in Guild Battle. There were quite a few lively battles but Levithans held all four towers throughout the battle. Wendigo managed to score some points by spending 20 million gold on a War Chariot, so we all got to see what those things look like. Levithans also upgraded their Skill Tower to level 9 this week.

We learned that you can attack (and hence delay) the War Chariot. It seems to have a bazillion hp and pretty good defense. If you attack it, you fight alone with your troops. It might be possible for a guild with many high-level players to destroy the silly thing before it gets to your Ward Tower by attacking it one at a time.


[News] On Server Day 59 (23 Jan 2013), GloryRoad won a contested Guild Battle against WarGods. The battle was one on one, and the other player was considerably higher level. Gloria won by actively pursuing towers and using up lots of runes to win 2 out of 4 fights despite her lower-level handicap.

In other news, GloryRoad's founder, Brangwen, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy tonight just before the Guild Battle.

Darkarts won their Guild Battle on s20. On s8, out-numbered 2 to 1, Levithans lost to the historically ignoble THC but scored an impressive number of points by retaking and holding towers.


[News] On Server Day 55 (19 Jan 2013), GloryRoad lost the Guild Battle to Hackney. Again, it was one on one, but the other player was a much higher level than Gloria (my alt) and with his greater speed (due to having a horse), was able to retake the towers. Nevertheless, it was fun to run around and be a pest by retaking the undefended towers.

Also on s20, Darkarts lost a close Guild Battle to Avalon.

On s8, Levithans easily won the guild battle against Shinobi's, who didn't leave their camp. This week, Levithans upgraded to Level 9 guild.


[News] On Server Day 54 (18 Jan 2013), GloryRoad won the Guild Battle. It started as one on one, but when the other player found that he could not defeat Gloria, he left the field and defaulted.

[News] On Server Day 50 (14 Jan 2013), GloryRoad won a decisive victory with overwhelming numbers (um... three against zero) against xxROMANSxx guild in the Guild Battle. Participants received 850 honor and insignia. Our victory earned us a position against Darkarts for the #1 spot on the guild roster.

At the same time, Darkarts won the Guild Battle against ACE and received the same amount of goodies.

[News] Server Day 49 (13 Jan 2013) Most of the active members of GloryRoad guild have moved to Darkarts guild. Brangwen's alt, GloriaMundi, will carry on as guildmaster for GloryRoad. We intend to keep the guild as active as we can, albeit a tiny shadow of its former self.

[News] On Server Day 46 (10 Jan 2013), we lost the the Guild Battle to Darkarts Guild. Each participant received 450 honor and insignia. Darkarts is the second largest guild on Server 20 with several high-level players, so they easily took the towers we were holding and blocked the exit road from our camp. We had a lot of fun trying maneuvers to sneak out of camp, and even more fun chatting the Darkarts guys.

IMPORTANT: We are considering merging with Darkarts guild. The consensus among those were on line tonight was was that this was a really good idea, if we can all move to Darkarts together.

Advantages of changing guilds:


[News] On server Day 43 (7 Jan 2013), we won the Guild Battle against BamBoo Guild by default. All participants received 850 honor, 850 insignia, and 10 beast soul stones.

[News] On server Day 41 (5 Jan 2013), we upgraded the Skill Tower to Level 5 and enabled all the Level 5 guild skills.

Also today, 7 Road posted this announcement in World Chat: "We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this urgent maintenance. Recently we have found players abusing a bug with Astral System. We have optimized the system and various other systems. All players who exploit this bug have been banned, and all Astrals gained from this expoit have been removed."

And we lost the final guild battle of the week to Avalon, finishing in 2nd place overall. Battle participants received 450 honor and insignia, and all guild members were rewarded with 150 soul crystals and 20 training whips.

[News] On Server Day 39 (3 Dec 2012), we won the Guild Battle against xxROMANSxx guild by default. Each participant received 850 honor and insignia.

[News] On Server Day 37 (31 Dec 2012), we won the Guild Battle against WarGods by default. Each particpant received 850 honor and insignia.

[News] On Server Day 35 (27 Dec 2012), we upgraded the Guild Shop to Level 3. This upgrade cost 30,000 guild wealth. We also upgraded the Guild Vault to level 4, which cost 3200 wealth.

[News] On Server Day 34 (26 Dec 2012), we won the Guild Battle against Hackney by default. Each participant received 850 honor and insignia.

[News] On Server Day 32 (24 Dec 2012), we lost the Guild Battle to Darkarts. Each participant received 450 honor and insignia.

[News] On Server Day 29 (22 Dec 2012), we lost the Guild Battle to ACE guild, but were able able to extend the battle long enough that each participant in our guild received 500 honor and insignia. The battle was very lively and ACE battled with great skill and honor. We needed our best teamwork and battle tactics to be able to hold towers long enough to stretch out the battle.

Today we also happily welcome members of WarGods guild, who merged with GloryRoad just in time for the Guild Battle.

[News] On Server Day 28 (21 Dec 2012), we won the Guild Battle against WarGods guild; each participant received 850 honor and insignia. We out-numbered WarGods and had some stronger players, but they fought admirably, sneaking around our defenses and engaging in coordinated attacks against the towers that provided some lively battles and a couple of towers changing hands (and back) during the battle.

Also today, we upgraded the Skill Tower to Level 4 and enabled all Level 4 Guild Skills. This upgrade cost 32,000 guild wealth plus about 1000 to enable each skill.

[News] On Server Day 26 (19 Dec 2012), KingSlayer, the largest guild on Server 20, overwhelmed us with both numbers and high-level players to win the Guild Battle. Participants on our team received 450 honor and insignia.

[News] On Server Day 24 (17 Dec 2012), Hackney guild was a no-show for Guild Battle, so we won by sitting on the four towers and having a party. Each participant received 850 honor and insignia for diligence in guarding the frontier.

[News] On Server Day 22 (15 Dec 2012), we had a low turnout for Guild Battle, so xxROMANSxx guild overwhelmed us with numbers and won. Each participant received 450 honor and insignia. A special salute to the Romans for their integrity and true honor during that event!

[News] On Server Day 21 (14 Dec 2012), all Level 3 skills are now activated in the skill tower.

[News] On Server Day 20 (13 Dec 2012), upgraded Skill Tower to Level 3, and enabled two of the Level 3 skills.

[News] On Server Day 19 (12 Dec 2012), I added some notes about the multi-player dungeons to the Tips section, but this is far from complete. Avalon overwhelmed us with numbers in Guild Battle (and notably demonstrated disgustingly dishonorable behavior during the event by attacking in our camp); participants received 450 honor and insignia.

[News] On Server Day 17 (10 Dec 2012), we were against Hackney guild in Guild Battle. The other team was a no-show. All participants earned 850 honor and insignia.

[News] On Server Day 16 (9 Dec 2012), we upgraded to become a Level 5 guild! The upgrade cost 20,000 guild wealth.

[News] On Server Day 15 (8 Dec 2012), we fought Angelhaven in the Guild War. It was a lively battle at times but we held all 4 towers for the win, earning 750 honor and insignia for all participants.

[News] On Server Day 14 (7 Dec 2012), we were against Ironheade in the Guild War. Unfortunately, the other guild did not participate so we won by simply holding the towers, earning 850 honor and insignia for all participants.

[News] On Server Day 13 (6 Dec 2012), upgraded Guild Shop to Level 2. That clears that pesky quest. Now more neat stuff is available from the shop. This upgrade cost 12,000 guild wealth.

[News] On Server Day 12 (5 Dec 2012), we added an Events button to the web page. Upgraded Altar to Level 2, so now you can have 6 spins of the wheel per day. Upgraded Vault to level 3 so now you can store 15 items there. We won our guild Battle with M-V-P, and each participant received 700 honor and 700 insignia.

[News] On Server Day 10 (3 Dec 2012), we enabled all Level 2 skills. Keep working on those guild skills!

[News] On Server Day 8 (1 Dec 2012), the guild upgraded to level 4! More members means more people to share the cost of the expensive stuff, and makes us a stronger guild. Now we can have up to 90 members so there's room for growth. Also added Guild Vault.

[News] On Server Day 4 (27 Nov 2012), we activated all the level 1 skills in the Skill Tower. You'll want to work on your guild skills; they're a major source of strength for your character.

[News] At the start of Server Day 3 (28 Nov 2012), we reached level 3! Heartfelt thanks to everybody who contributed to this goal! Yaaaaayyy!! At level 3, the guild can have up 70 members. Also added Skill Tower Level 1 today.

[News] GloryRoad Guild was founded (by Brangwen, your humble guildmaster and webmaster) on the first day that Server 20 was open, November 25, 2012.