Just a Few Guild Rules

Contribute to your guild. Members need to contribute so the guild can grow. If you're really new and don't have much gold, contribute at least 1000 gold to show that you want to stay in the guild. You can get 80 contribution per day just by completing your Daily Tasks. Sadly, we must remove members who don't contribute at all, to make room for those who do.

English only in Guild Chat.

Be supportive and respectful toward your fellow guild members.

No drama. Drama queens are most welcome to go plague other guilds and will be enthusiastically encouraged to do so.

No bullies. Do not attack other guild members in the Battleground. (You can duel in the Guild Chamber if you want to duel each other.) Fighting guild members in the Arena (both solo and team) is inevitable, but bullying lower-level guild members in Battleground will get you drop-kicked through the goalposts of life.

Act with honor. No spawn-killing in Guild Battle; we do not enter our opponents' camp. No trash talk in World Chat; leave that to the drama queens. We do not engage in personal vendettas, we do not steal others' gold mines, and we do not have secret alts.