Status of the Guild and Its Facilities

With the rapid decline of Wartune, GloryRoad guild on Server 20 has changed to be essentially a storage place for infrequently played characters. If you have a toon on any server where we have a guild that you'd like to store away in a safe spot (where you won't get kicked for not being on line recently as long as your guild contribution is not zero), you're welcome to join the guild.

If we're slow to respond, contact Brangwen on s1 to let her know that you have applied to join. We're in TheTitans guild on s1.

There are also GloryRoad guilds on s9, s10, s14, s17, and s19 which serve the same purpose.

GloryRoad on s20 is a level 7 guild. The Glory Road guilds on other servers are simply level 1 or 2 guilds, storage for infrequently played characters. All these guilds have plenty of storage space to use as a vault for sleepy characters. Note that most do not have skill towers, so your character won't have guild skills while a member of one of these.