Battle Rating vs. Character Level

Click on this graph to open a larger version that you can read. It will open in a new tab or window, so you might need to let your web browser open pop-ups from this site.

This is a scatter plot of real BR data collected from TheTitans guild on Wartune server 1 on March 9, 2014. The dots also include data about 8 months old from Vanaheim guild. I only collected the data up to level 60, so about half of the characters from TheTitans aren't shown.

I didn't try to fit a curve to the data scatter, but you can see the general shape of things and maybe tell if your Watune character is measuring up to the average. I noted some obvious exceptional characters off the main sequence, those who have extremely high BR for their respective levels. (Apologies to anybody whose name I didn't put on the chart. It's not personal; I was running out of time to spend fooling with the data.)

If you find yourself way below average, you probably want to slow down on leveling up. Avoid experience gains, especially any that don't come with an increase in your battle rating, at least unti you're confident that you can play at your current level.

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