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Below are our essays about some help with the trickier parts of Wartune. Most of them have parts that are out of date because of all the changes 7Road made to Wartune. Very few of those changes improved the game, but all were designed to get more money from the players. Wartune uses a coercive monetization scheme: They provide a fun, interesting game to start that very quickly degrades into nothing but incoherent player-vs.-player events where the one who spends the most money (or hacks the most) will always win.

All these notes are our original work. We do not intend to copy the game guides from other web sites; there are way too many web sites already copying each other already.

Hall of Heroes Includes notes about each of the multi-player dungeons.

Crypt Bosses How to kill those nasty floating eyeballs.

The S1 Megabrats All about Camden, Squeak, and Brangwen

Building a Powerful Character Be awesome at any level!

Leveling Up vs. Powerful Character How to avoid leveling up too fast.

How to Get 80 Devotion with Zero Experience And why it's cool to do so.

Wings Bonus How much power you get from higher level wings.

Cloud City Some quick notes to show what Cloud City looks like and how to get Sylphs.

Battle Rating vs. Character Level Are you strong enough to play at your current level? Added 9 March 2014.

Uses for Gold Things to do before you dump gold into guild donations and astrals.

Exp Cost Per Crypt Token How to Minimize Experience Cost for Crypt Tokens