People often ask how the heck we got our battle rating so high, and we refer them to Brangwen's little web site here. We thought we'd start working on a web page detailing where our high battle ratings come from and how we got there.

Look at the other essays in this "Tips" section for the how-to stuff. What we'll be adding here is a real example of how it works, and whatever other things we can think of that might be of interest to other megabrats in Wartune. :)

To the best of our knowlege, these are the three strongest under-40 characters in the western version of Wartune. (The Chinese version is quite different.) Camden might be the first character to reach a Battle Rating of 30,000 before level 40. He got there on December 28, 2013.

(We know of two others who claim to have reached 30,000 at level 39, but haven't been able to confirm this. No one else remembers that happening, and their story has not been consistent the few times the subject came up. Their memory might be adding 10,000 to their BR after hearing about these characters from Wartune-s1. That would have been at the time when an under-40 with a BR greater than 20,000 was remarkable. Those guys are level 70 now, so the real history is lost in antiquity with no verifiable record.)

In all three cases, our total investment in each character is US $45.00 plus monthly VIP costs. That was the cost of the initial wings and clothes, plus one minor recharge along the way. Since then, we've been adamant about earning battle rating through game play.

We noticed an interesting phenomenon in the growth of the characters' battle rating. Camden, a knight, is gaining BR at a rate faster than the two mages, Brangwen and Squeak. All three were level 38 throughout the time shown in the chart below.

Our best guess is that this is due to the fact that Camden earns more gold from World Boss battles. Basically, he hits harder. (Camden's Delphic Destroyer will take out half of a Morkan Knight's HP in one blow. Brangwen and Squeak invested their skill points in healing instead of Delphic attacks.) With more gold, he earns guild skills and astrals a little faster. Over time, that adds up!


February 28, 2014: Two months later, I still haven't created web pages that how how our battle ratings add up, but here's an update to the chart of BR vs. Time.

That big jump in Squeak's BR was mostly realizing that she hadn't synthesized gems in a long time, so she had a whopping lot more BR hiding in her inventory.

Brangwen accidentally leveled up to 39 on January 9, 2014; but her total BR only inceased by 84 points even after upgrading troops and all Academy skills. The important lesson there is that leveling up sometimes unlocks new abilities, but leveling up by itself does not significantly increase your power.

Brangwen's guild skills are all level 10 now, so now astrals and gems are really he only way to increase BR before leveling up. The astrals really slow down the time between BR increases, but when they do happen, it's a really big jump. The sudden increase in her BR today was because she upgraded her red MATK astral from level 5 to level 6. Holy Mysticality, Batman!

Squeak and Camden still need to finish off upgrading the Charisma guild skill before they start in on the long, slow astral grind. We're beginning to think maybe it's time to level up. Pretty soon, there will be no way to increase our BR while we're still alive.

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