There are a lot of different things that make your character more powerful at any level:

Permanent Things

  1. Guild Skills
  2. Socketed Gems
  3. Academy Skills
  4. Equipment
  5. Astrals
  6. Soul Engraving
  7. Passive Skills (Max these as soon as you can.)
  8. Troop Level
  9. Troop Enlightenment
  10. Mounts (Just owning more mounts adds power. They add up.)
  11. Mount Training
  12. Wings (Other clothing items add to minimum rage. Wings add power.)

Temporary Things

  1. Potions
  2. Scrolls
  3. Medallion (Depends on your rank, which is based on your "Honor" level.)

Momentary Things

  1. Runes (Used in battle; usually last only 2 turns.)
  2. Temporary Skill Effects, such as the Knight's shield and the Mage's Suntoria healing spell.

You need to work on all of these things to make your character as powerful as you can be at your current level. It is possible for a level 38 knight to have a Battle Rating of more than 20,000, and to have a level 40 mage who regularly defeats level 48 knights in solo arena duels. Keep working on it, and you will be awesome!

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