Hall of Heroes
Multi-Player Dungeon Notes

Teams of four explore the many dungeons of the Hall of Heroes. You can get into these by going to the Hall of Heroes in your city, or by being invited to an existing room.

Scroll down for links to notes about he individual dungeons.

These dungeons are open all day. Most of the time, teams will want to do three runs in a row to get them done before exp scrolls run out. Each run in the higher-level dungeons usually takes about 15 minutes, so there's plenty of time to do all three runs within the one hour that the scroll lasts.

It can be difficult to get a team together, especially for the higher-level dungeons, so quite often you will see other players are happy to help you complete your runs even after they have completed all of theirs. This team spirit varies from one guild to another. If you find yourself in a guild where nobody is willing to spend 15 minutes to help you get your dungeon runs done, you might want to consider moving to a build with more team spirit and cooperation. But, of course, keep in mind that others have real lives and there are other demands on their time, so don't harrass others to help you. If they can't, they can't.

Keep the Party Together

The most important skill you need for success in all multi-player dungeons is teamwork. Be prepared to take a few seconds before every teleporter and every boss to communicate with your teammates. Make sure everyone is ready to proceed before you teleport or attack. Some of the dungeons also have really diabolical layouts designed specifically to split the party, so stop, listen to your teammates, and don't be fooled.

If you are not able to do these dungeons without running off by yourself, jumping into fights before everyone has been able to pick up the rewards, and without whining at others to hurry up, then please let me know before we enter the dungeon so that I'll know not to play these places with you.

The Dungeons

The buttons below link to notes about each of the dungeons. The game play is a little different for each.