(or not)

There are a lot of ways that you can level up faster in Wartune:

  1. Get 50% or higher bonus experience from VIP membership
  2. Grow leveler seed and harvest it from others' farms
  3. Use experience scrolls, especially in multi-player dungeons
  4. Do Bounty Quests, especially the green, blue, and orange ones
  5. Run solo dungeons until you've exhausted all of your stamina

That said, our advice is: DON'T

We'd like to suggest a reasonable goal of making your character as powerful as you can at your current level, instead of leveling up to where you have to compete with more powerful characters. It's lots more fun to be a powerful level 40 than a dead level 50.

If you level up too quickly in Wartune, you'll find that you're behind in strength. Other players of the same level will be bullying you in Battleground and plundering your city, and you'll find yourself dying a lot in Group Arena and have difficulty surviving the higher-level multi-player dungeon battles. You can end up with quests to do things in lower-level solo dungeons where you get no experience, so the extra effort (and perhaps even money) is wasted.

Note for level 50+: Above level 50, you can use Talents to drain off excess experience, within limits. (Open your Skills, then click on the Talents tab.) So above level 50, rapid experience gain is not so bad as long as you can use Talents to soak up excess experience.

Eventually you'll find that you need more exp to increase Talent than is required to level up, so at that point you're forced to level up. And in any case, the amount of experience you can absorb from one level to the next is limited, so make every exp point pay off in increased power.

You can do this.
This was back when 32K was huge for level 52;
before Templars and "Sylphs" and all that.

There are a lot of fun things you can do that don't give you experience, but do give you items that will make your character more powerful:

And there are things you can do where the experience gain is balanced with increasing character strength:

Anyone can make Legendary equipment.
Only a few characters actually become a legend.
Server 1, July 12, 2013

What to AVOID if you don't want to gain experience too fast:

Here's an update for the little s1 megabrat shown above.
Battle Rating with no potions or scrolls: 27,104
Total cash investment to date: $45.00 + monthly VIP
Current group arena winning streak: 1,320 consecutive wins.
Server 1, October 21, 2013

That winning streak ended at 1530 when we fought a level 60+
team, due to the matching bug that came with "Sylphs."

There are few milestones that you can check for leveling up. If you can achieve these before you level up, your characer will be awesomely powerful.

  1. Level 35: Arena Set bought and fully enchanted before you level to 35
  2. Level 40: Level 40 jewelry bought and full enchanted before you level to 40
  3. Level 40: Save up 10.5 million daru so you can immediately fully upgrade your Knights or Angels troops.
  4. Level 40: Level 4 gems in all available sockets.
  5. Level 45: Arena Set bought and fully enchanted before you level to 45
  6. Level 50: Level 50 jewelry bought (from Crypt Shop) and fully enchanted before you level to 50
  7. Level 55: Arena Set bought and fully enchanged before you level to 55
  8. Level 56: Attack greater than 10,000
  9. Level 60: Defeated the level 100 Crypt Boss.
  10. Level 60: Level 5 gems in all available sockets.
  11. Level 60: Level 60 jewelry bought (from Crypt Shop) and full enchanted before you level to 60
  12. All Levels: Guild Skills maxed, for your guild level. (May not be practical if your guild is way ahead of you.)
  13. All Levels: Academy Skills maxed for your character and your troops.

Of course, you'll want all the things that increase your character's power as high as you can reasonably get them as you level up.

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