Guild Battle Tower Defense Assignments

Here's our standard roster for Guild Battle tower defense.

AbbyA (23)
AlexG (37)
Brangwen (40)
kallysta (34)
Mest (36)
sir9 (27)
Skowronski (32)
Wood (38)
creepin (36)
dbfunn (35)
Dzajich (37)
Ginger (38)
hendrix (33)
kallysta (34)
Senate (40)
trent (33)
Becca (16)
cyber (33)
Kiki (39)
Loros (26)
scorpions (33)
sierra (22)
TheChaosBoy (35)
zapped (40)
Spoogie (37)
brentjr (34)
cathy (27)
junoDeath (30)
Slaoon (27)
Staress (26)
yapets (24)

The numbers in parentheses are the player's level on December 28, 2012. I won't try to keep those numbers up to date; just used them as a guide to spread out the levels of players.

Up to four people can actively defend each tower. Click on the tower to Defend it. You have to do this again after a battle. If you are actively defending, a shield will appear on the screen next to your name. This means that if the opponent attacks the tower, you will immediatel be in the battle.

If you are defending the tower, don't get fooled by a battle nearby. One trick in the Guild Battle is to draw off a tower's defense by initiating a battle next to it. Then the defenders jump into that battle, abandoning their defense of the tower, so that the opponent's troops can take the undefended tower while you're blinded by the battle.

How the Soak Off Tactic Works

A "soak off" is where you send in a weaker force to draw your foe's main force way from the objective. It works well in real life battles as well as in Wartune, although it real life, the soak off force will likely take high casualties.

This is a variation on the "soak off" tactic and I've used it myself to score points against a far stronger guild. Here's how it works:

  1. Sally forth with an honor guard ahead of you.

    The honor guard can be players of any level and strength. It's best if the weaker players are the honor guard and the tower occupiers are the stongest available for maneuver.

  2. The honor guard engages an opponent near the tower without attacking the tower itself.

  3. The opponent's defenders jump into the battle.

  4. As soon as all the opponent's defenders are engaged, the occupier force can just merrily sit on the undefended tower while the rest of the folks duke it out.

It can be quite a surprise to think you've won a battle to defend a tower, only to find that when the battle screen clears, there's a level 40 mage there, grinning back at you as she calls in level 50+ reinfocements to defend the tower.

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