Guild Battles

Guild Battles take place at 8:00 PM PST on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

You'll want to participate if you possibly can because, even if we lose, the rewards of Honor and Insignia are huge! We got 850 honor and insignia for winning a battle on server 8, and 450 when we lost on server 20.

Don't leave the battleground before the battle ends. Rewards are given only to those who are there at the end of the battle.

The guildmaster (Brangwen) may have an avatar present, but not be directly participating in the battle. That's because she's committed to fighting in the guild battles for the Levithans Guild on Server 8.

Here's some nomenclature for the Guild Battle setup:

T1 and B1 are the towers closest to our camp. If our camp is on the east side, flip the whole map. "T" for top. "B" for bottom.
Nomenclature was developed by Castiel and Evilena for Levithans Guild on Server 8.

Watch Guild Chat during the battle. If you need to refer to a location, use T1, B1, T2, B2 so to refer to the towers so that others know where you mean.

Glory Road Guild Tower Defense Assignments

Guild Battle strategy

We can win the Guild Battle in one of two ways:

  1. Batter down our opponent's Ward Tower
  2. Take and hold towers

Beating away at the opponent's Ward Tower is essentially a waste of HP packs; it has 60,000,000 hp. (Yup, 60 million!) It's like trying to kill 10 world bosses, and you do use up hp packs when you take damage from their ward tower.

That leaves taking and holding the four towers. Depending on how many strong players each side has, assign teams of your strongest players to each of the four towers in turn.

You get zero points for winning battles. Don't attack your opponent's players unless there's a reason. Delaying your opponent from getting out of his own camp is a good reason, but attacking him in his own camp shows a shameful lack of personal honor (although the game is not programmed to penalize you for dishonorable behavior).

There are two good reasons for a lower-level player to attack a higher level player, even when you know you can't win:

  1. Delay: You can delay the advance of the higher-level character while your big troops move into position. You also might hold your opponent long enough that others will reinforce you.

  2. Blind: Your opponent is blind to what else is going on while engaged in battle. Others can slip by the big guy while you keep him involved in battle.